Garden Bloggers Spring Fling 2008

Blog Talk: Carol of May Dreams Gardens & Kathy of Cold Climate Gardening

After a whirlwind day of garden tours and Tom Spencer’s lunch talk, Spring Fling attendees are invited to kick back at a happy hour from 5 to 7 pm at the home of Digging‘s Pam Penick. A wine and Texas martini bar will be set up in Pam’s garden, weather permitting, with appetizers to tide you over until dinner. This will be an opportunity to get to know the other garden bloggers, share laughs, or just relax for an hour or so.

Naturally, we’ll talk blogging too. In fact, two well-known, talented garden bloggers have agreed to lead informal discussion groups about blogging during the happy hour.

Carol of May Dreams Gardens

Carol of May Dreams Gardens will start a chat about the social aspects of blogging: attracting visitors to one’s blog and creating a feeling of community. Carol’s innovations like Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Garden Bloggers Book Club, her engaging, daily posts, and her talent for asking questions that we want to answer prove her skill at bringing bloggers together and attracting visitors. She’s consistently held the top spot on the Most Favourited Blogs page at Blotanical, and she’s the garden blogger we’d most like to have as a neighbor.

Kathy of Cold Climate Gardening

Kathy Purdy, pioneer garden blogger at Cold Climate Gardening, will open a conversation about the technical side of blogging. If you don’t know a widget from feedburner, if acronyms like html, css and rss confound you, or if you ever wondered how to monetize your blog, Kathy can make sense of the insensible. In addition to her excellent garden blog, she keeps the website Blogging Art & Practice, where she posts about the technical aspects of blogging and translates jargon into plain English as a blogging coach. She recently gave a presentation at a symposium of the Garden Writers Association, introducing blogging concepts to traditional-media garden writers.

We invite Spring Fling guests to join Kathy and Carol in these conversations. These aren’t lectures but open discussions, so make yourselves comfortable and feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts. If you wish, send discussion topics in advance to Carol or Kathy. Kathy adds that topics not covered at the Spring Fling will be addressed, time permitting, at Blogging Art & Practice.

We’ll end the discussion groups in time for general socializing, and then we’ll head to the County Line on the Lake for a farewell dinner, where some lucky garden bloggers will win fabulous, garden-themed door prizes. Be sure to RSVP and send pre-payment in order to hold your seat at dinner. Reservations required.

See you at the Spring Fling!


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